"It is a sad fate for a man to die to well known to everybody else and still unknown to himself" ~ Francis Bacon

Author and Novel Worth Mentioning

I couldn’t imagine a world without books and or novels and we wouldn’t have novels if we didn’t have dedicated writers/authors.

And so it is with great admiration and respect, I dedicate this post to a new-found American Author, Andy Holloman and his upcoming debut novel  “SHADES OF GRAY” due out  for official release in 2012.

 Reading has been one of my favorite hobbies since I can remember. I started reading at a very early age with books like Run Spot, Run,  Nancy Drew and The Hardy Boys Mysteries; graduating preteen with Judy Blume books and so on…  I am a person who when I find a great author, I tend to stick with them and read all their books and believe me, through the years I have read so many.  As a reader, I have found there are novels we place upon a shelf to collect dust after we have read it. Then there are novels that keep you up all night turning the page and desiring to reread it once finished.

When I read Andy’s bio about how he has penned his ideas for books since a wee lad and kept hidden away in a top-secret shoe box. I smiled, shook my head and wondered if he would make that list of elite team of writers/authors. The ones that can keep you up all night turning the page and desiring to read his/her novels over again once finished. Or if this was gonna be one of those moments where he gets support because he just so happens to be the brother of Laurel Holloman  and his book get placed upon a shelf to collect dust after the first read?  I am being honest here.

About a week ago, I was given the opportunity to read a copy of his new debut novel “Shades Of Gray“.  I found my answer to my wondering mind’s questions?   Andy certainly will establish himself within an elite group of respected writers/authors as he continues to write future novels like he has written with “Shades Of Gray”.   Andy is gifted with creating characters such as John Manning and able to pull his readers inside the story as the reader experiences every emotion at some point even laughter at times while reading.  

This is why I have taken it upon myself to dedicate this post, to this very fine writer/author, ANDY HOLLOMAN.  I believe once people read “Shades Of Gray” they will recognize Andy as an upcoming true american writer that has earned the title of “Author”  and the respect of his fellow author friends. 

I say one can never have to many respected connections in life and so just an added blessing he shares the same last name as our beloved American Artist Laurel Holloman.  Andy and Laurel are blessed to have one another as brother and sister and we are blessed to have them share and give to our world with their own unique style of creativity; writing and painting.    

However, I recommend Andy take a day or two from writing and  tweeting to do some serious detective work (Sherlock Holmes style perhaps)  and find that lost top-secret shoe box so he can bring forth the first edition archives for all his readers.  I bet there are some best sellers in there! I suggest Andy start with his mother. LOL.

I hope you will take it upon yourself to check out  Andy’s website  below and take advantage of the pre launch sale he has been so kind to offer to his readers. Buy a copy of  his debut novel “Shades Of Gray” today  and   http://novelistandyholloman.wordpress.com/purchase-book/  you will be helping a child receive a pair of shoes, they otherwise may never have.  Click the link for further details.  

Please be sure and spread the word to anyone you know who loves to read and may not have the daily access to the internet  like most of us about “Shades of Gray” a contemporary, suspense, thriller novel by novelist Andy Holloman due out in major book stores such as my favorite Barnes and Noble and Amazon in 2012.

“Shades Of Gray” is a must read and I warn you before hand,  you may want to have a day or two where you are not running errands. It is that good and you will not want to put it down.

If you love the art design on the cover of  “Shades Of Gray” check out  Laurel’s  art studio at  http://www.laurelhollomanstudio.net/  for more great work of hers.



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